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The party decoration jaipur items which are provided by us includes entrance gate with balloons frills, structure and foil, normal balloons and gas balloons, cake table that fits the theme, Khoi bag, loot bags, birthday caps, Hooters, birthday candles, party poppers, musical knife, happy birthday boards with balloons, eye mask, cut outs that matches the theme, happy birthday board with balloons pillars, wishing board flax with photo, balloon pillars as per the theme, bouncy, return gift table décor and tattoo artists. All these things are available in different packages that we have. Apart from that we also provide with magic shows, bouncy, air broker and game coordinator. The packages which are available at Party Decorations Jaipur are....

1st Package


  • 10 Hooters item
  • 10 Eye mask item
  • 10 Caps item
  • 1 Khoi bag item

2nd Package


  • 15 Eye Mask item
  • 1 Musical knife item
  • 2 Party Poppers item
  • Free -Tattoo Maker

4th Package


  • 2 Party Poppers item
  • Tattoo Maker item
  • Hopla Game item
  • Magician item
  • Tattoo Maker

5th Package


  • Tattoo Maker item
  • Hopla Game item
  • Magician item
  • Airwalker item
  • 15 Hooters item

6th Package


  • Tattoo Maker item
  • Hopla Game item
  • Magician
    • Airwalker (2) item
    • Game Coordanitor item

7th Package


  • Hopla Game item
  • Magician item
  • Music System item
  • Airwalker (2) item
  • Game Coordanitor item

8 th Package


  • Hopla Game item
  • Magician item
  • D J item
  • Airwalker (2) item
  • Game Coordanitor item

What are we expertise in

One of the most important occasions that require celebration every year is, of course, the birthday. It can be your birthday, your parents birthday, sibling birthday, the birthday of your partner or a birthday of your special friend. No matter whose birthday it is, it calls for a celebration. And when you are celebrating this event on a large scale, it becomes very important to hire a birthday party organizer.

  • Birthday Parties

  • Office Parties

  • Wedding Parties

  • Job Promotion Parties

  • School Graduation Event

  • Launch of new product

  • Sports events

  • Grand openings

  • Balloon decoration

  • Fun activities

  • Venue bookings

  • Custom Cake

  • Videography

  • Theme decoration

  • Photography

  • Many More..

Why should you choose
Party Decorations Jaipur as your birthday party organizer?


We operate throughout the week and we provide best services that result in high customer satisfaction. We provide professional services of high quality.

Budget Management

Party Decorations Jaipur understand the fact that how special the birthday is for you. Birthday parties are supposed to be fun and that’s what we do for you. All you need to do is to tell us about your requirements and we will draft a plan and on basis of them, we convert your dream into a beautiful reality that everyone will enjoy along with you.


We are expertise to celebrate the special event of birthday with your loved ones, Party Decorations Jaipur is the perfect option that you have. Our team of professional knows all about your requirements and specializes in fulfilling your other requirements.


We have years of experience in doing birthday party celebration and we can tell you with a guarantee that all our customers are highly satisfied with our services. Apart from a birthday party, we also conduct theme party and balloons decorations. We have been in this business for the last two years and we have set our mark in this business. And the secret of our success is that we provide customized service to each of our clients to make them happy.

About Us

If you are inviting a lot of people in the birthday party, managing things become tedious and also, bit confusing. When you such a large group of people to many and so many people to actually prepare the event, only one thing is for sure, a lot of chaos will be created. And this chaos might mess the celebration that you were planning for so long. So, in order to avoid it, you should pass the responsibility to birthday party organizers.

With a team of the profession, they will make sure that the preparation is done well in advance and also everything is carried out in a super smooth manner.

The birthday party organizer will not only do your work during the pre-party preparation but will also manage everything during the celebration and after it. Do you know how the perfect birthday party is celebrated?

Well, it’s a party where everyone is invited and proper arrangements are made to fulfill their requirements starting from serving them the starters to make sure that the music is on to make the people shake their legs and most importantly, the food is served is well.

Apart from these basic requirements, there are also few other things that the birthday party organizer take care of like to ensure a photographer is there to capture the special moments.